A600: Problems after recapping.


Hi guys!

OK, I mostly use my A600 to play games! And since it’s my first amiga, to learn about the machine and OS.

My favourite Atari ST games are what I’m playing on the A600, and all was well!

It lost sound on one of it’s audio channels, and I decided to get it recapped (with a well know established website/repair tech)

Now, on it’s return, almost all games crash, or exhibit weird problems.

(Graphical errors, crashing at random points, etc)

E.G. The Simpsons game now starts, says all tasks on level 1 are complete, and locks up.

In WB 3.1, it randomly locks up too, if I launch any program. (But since it’s random, I’ve no way of knowing what will crash it) It often runs for long periods on workbench fine, but it often also locks up after 2-3 seconds of usage, without launching any program.

So: My question: Is there an easy way to test what might be wrong with it?

I think I should start testing out the ram first, since that might account for the graphical corruption etc?

I do have a Vampire II attached to it, but, while it was recapped 6 months ago, the vampire is only attached for a week or so now. (And all these problems were happening since day 1 of it’s return long before the vampire)

I also have KS 3.1/3.x as well as the 2 (37.300) KS. And it happens with all kickstarts, and if I use a WHDLoad version of the game, or if I boot from the original disk directly, or if I hook up a Gotek and use an ADF image.

Any advice would be helpful!

  • TenLeftFingers
    OP has tested with SysTest from https://github.com/keirf/Amiga-Stuff as well as the three system test tools here: http://aminet.net/search?query=memtest They all show identical results on the A600 as they do in WinUAE. Pass (with the exception of one on aminet that shows an error both on the A600 and WinUAE in a location that is beyond chip RAM. Looking online, it seems to be a common issue but I’ve lost the link).
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