Amiga shell guide anywhere?


Is there a simple guide to the AmigaOS shell anywhere? Thanks!

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If you search for “amiga shell guide” on Google (I haven’t tried other search engines such as DuckDuckGo) you will see results from  however, they are defining Amiga shell as OS4.x and there is no mention of classic versions like (thanks to Daedalus for clarifying). I like the guide below because it also loads well from IBrowse :)

A good starting point is to go to your C: drawer (cd C:) and list everything there, as the contents make the lion’s share of the commands for your system. Any resource online should provide for these.


  • Daedalus
    Very little has changed between OS3 and OS4 with respect to the Shell – it’s mostly a few new commands and a few new options on some commands, but the vast majority of that Wiki also applies to 3.x. The changes are really for edge cases and advanced use. I’ve just had a look over and the details there all apply 100% to OS3 – even the screenshot is OS3 rather than OS4 :)
  • TenLeftFingers
    Thanks for that Daedalus, that’s very good info. The standard practice in this scenario is to update the question with the new information so I’ll do that.
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