AmiQuake dont start with error - you need a valid host name, or use -ip


i have tried 5 UAE machines – Vanilla, ClassicWB, AmigaSYS, OS 3.1  / 3.9, everytime i got error:

I_Error: NET_Init: you need a valid host name, or use -ip

I have AmiTCP installed network is working for other apps.

AmiQuake 2 is running, fine.. Could someone test it, maybe some library conflict etc.

What i should do?

I just try to run the game, no multiplayer.

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I made progress, its possible to run the game from commandline with parameter -ip // you could probably use any ip number

But it bypass gui configuration and lots of options is that case default, you could probably set some of them by cmdline too but its pain in the ass.
On my Core i5 5675C its working well in 640x512x8bit, with bigger resolution framerate is still ok, but sound is missing or late, i think because in default when is GUI bypassed is Paula used.

Various UAE distros results:
AmigaSYS 3.9 – working, only ESC key need to be pressed for while
AmigaSYS 3.1 – same
ClassicWB – crash after resolution settins, with waiting for disk ativity error
My Vanilla 3.1 + some enhancement – same crash as in case of ClassicWB

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