Best networking solution for WinUAE?


i spend quite a time with network solution study, but all look a bit messy.

Few observations:

  1. In WB 3.1 is nothing like inbuild networking drivers.
  2. Some programs (Netsurf / FFplay) requiring AmiTCP for work.
  3. AmiTCP was abandoned 15 years ago or so and there only demo and otherwise i was paid.
  4. Dan Wood – btw nice YT channel, saying that AmiTCP is too heavy and using Genesis,
    which is i thing too AmiTCP based and once again is not free.
    Very dated solution
  5. RoadShow – new one, but for 25 EUR, i dont saw any benchmark, but autor saying that is faster,
    but 25 EUR just for networking, really? 5 bucks, maybe..
  6. EasySomething Prp – Amigakit – bough AmiTCP license and selling it for for 20E.
  7. There are some limited demos..
  8. Installers for networking, are too lowlevel, default + some adjustment should be ok.

Is there any good solution free solution?

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WinUAE contains built-in network stack emulation that the Amiga software sees as a TCP/IP stack already running in the background. For almost all purposes this works well and avoids the need to install any TCP/IP stack on the Amiga side at all, as well as avoiding having to emulate the extra hardware. To enable it, turn on the “bsdsocket.library emulation” option in WinUAE’s settings. All network traffic is then passed directly through to Windows’ network stack.

To comment on your questions:
1) No, there was a demo of networking software included with OS 3.5 and a full version included with 3.9 but none with any versions before that.

4) Genesis and AmiTCP are pretty much the same thing – Genesis is the front end for configuring and controlling AmiTCP so it adds a little weight but doesn’t really affect performance. Miami is a different stack that is considered heavier than AmiTCP but also more flexible so perhaps that was the stack talked about?

5) Roadshow is the only currently developed stack, and the stack used in OS 4. It may seem expensive but its performance is reportedly excellent and it supports some features that other stacks don’t, e.g. DHCP. It’s a very complex piece of software that has taken a lot of time to develop, hence the price. Having said that, for WinUAE there is no reason I can think of for using Roadshow.

6 & 8) The AmigaKit package is designed to offer the sort of easy connectivity you’re looking for by providing configuration scripts to let you input the settings required and then configuring AmiTCP for you. But, like many other areas on the Amiga, network things tend to be a little lower level. AmiTCP doesn’t support DHCP for example, so you need to provide IP addresses for your network – there is no plug-n-play so installers tend to either install the stack without configuring it, or need details about your setup such as DNS and other network addresses. With modern routers the simplest is just to set DNS and gateway addresses to the router, and give the Amiga a static IP address outside the DHCP range set in your router.

7) Yep, this comes from the fact that most commercial software disappeared from the Amiga world 15-20 years ago. Demos of Genesis/AmiTCP and Miami can be found but the only place to actually buy one appears to be as part of AmigaKit’s Easynet package or the new Roadshow. OS 3.9 comes with Genesis/AmiTCP included so upgrading to OS 3.9 is one way to obtain a full stack.

At the end of the day though, under WinUAE you shouldn’t need any Amiga-side TCP stack at all…

  • RuThaN
    Thanks for detailed explanation. I have this UAE networking – bsdsocket.library emulation- feature enabled, but some apps still requiring install of AmiTCP library during start process and when i cancel it, networking is not working for the app. I know Amikit, but i would like to have original WB 3.1 A1200 experience with so much enhancement what is possible, so im trying to avoid OS 3.9 upgrade. 1 note if you are upgrading to OS 3.9, you have to use istallation CD twice, firtime for upgrade, second time for Network installation, its not included in basic upgrade.
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