Error installing MUI38.lha


I’m getting error messages trying to install MUI38.lha in Amiga 3000 with AmigaOS3.9. Need it to configure Rapid Road USB module. How can fix this?


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  • TenLeftFingers
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Try to extract MUI#?.lha on Amiga system, not PC. There is a file named very unusual “_” or something like that and it IS NOT extracted as it shoud be on PC system (winrar, winzip, etc.).

It caused installer trouble while installing.
BTW, never had any issue with MUI, except that one.



  • Daedalus
    Yep, that’s probably it alright, or else there’s something wrong with the version of LHa used to unpack it. There is a file in the standard MUI distribution that has a single space as its filename and a smiley face icon – it looks like that file was skipped when extracting.
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