Force a fullscreen program to work in a smaller window



In AmigaOS3.9 (I use “AmiKitX”),

if a program or demo normally runs in fullscreen, then how can I force that program/demo to start and run in a smaller window (lower resolution?), so that I can drag that smaller window around on the AmigaOS desktop, while the demo/program is running inside the smaller window ?

When I start a random Amiga demo by doubleclicking on “demo-name.exe”,

a DirOpus window/shell tells me to “enter arguments”, I tried entering something like 640×480 
but that didn’t stop the demo from running in fullscreen.

I looked other places on the web, but have not found an answer yet 

Any help is appreciated!



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The vast majority of demos and games on the Amiga cannot be controlled in this way unfortunately. They tend to take over the entire machine, shutting down the OS and accessing the hardware directly, which means the OS has no opportunity to allow the display in a window. Even with software that is “system friendly”, the graphical output of the program is controlled by the application itself, so it would need to offer support for window or fullscreen display itself. Such a feature would usually be documented in the readme file.

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