How to do batch or alias for command on WB 3.x?


I would like to use Kingcon instead classic shell, because of auto-complete, but starting is slow, i have to do Execute command, then Newshell, That i have write Newshell windows kcon: // last one is not good for my memory and all them for my patience.

So i want to know, if is possible make on Amiga something like batch or alias for these command, best would be if a could write in WB->execute simply Kcon or BetterShell and Kingcon would be executed..

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The KingCON installation includes steps for replacing the classic shell entirely so that simply opening the Shell icon or using the NewCLI command will automatically use KingCON instead. For this to happen, the KingCON mountlist must be correctly installed as per the installation instructions. The following lines are then added to the S:User-Startup file:

c:Mount CON: from DEVS:KingCon-mountlist
c:Mount RAW: from DEVS:KingCon-mountlist

If you wish to keep the classic shell and have a simple command for switching to KingCON, you can create a “batch” file (they’re called AmigaDOS scripts on the Amiga). To make this script:

– Open your favourite text editor

– Enter the commands you wish to be executed

– Save as whatever name you like (e.g. “KCon”) in the S: directory

– Set the “S” protection bit of the new script file. This lets you execute it directly by its name. Do this by typing the following command in a Shell window:
protect S:KCon +s
Or by opening the Workbench:S/ drawer in Workbench, finding the KCon icon, and setting the S flag in the icon information window.

Typing KCon as a command should now execute the lines in the file as if you typed them yourself.

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