Remove c:highdensitypatch


wb3.1 A1200. Running ClassicWB. I had a high density external fdd. No longer use it. I removed all of its software, amended user-startup to no longer call for c:highdensitypatch.

Despite this I still get a startup error that the patch can’t be found. I see no reference to it in startup-sequence, use-startup, wbstartup or envarc. The patch is no longer in c:

Where or what is calling for the high density patch on startup?

  • TenLeftFingers
    Could you post your startup-sequence and user-startup? Also, what happens when you boot without user-startup? If it gets you to workbench without the error we are probably sorted because you could run snoopdos there and execute user-startup manually.
  • Daedalus
    I’m not familiar with the drive myself, but is there a DOSDriver associated with the drive that’s still in the DEVS:DOSDrivers drawer? Aside from that, you can add the line Set Echo On to the start of your startup-sequence and it will show each line as it’s executed, which might help to narrow down the problem.
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