Sharing My Amiga HD Over my local network (Samba ?)


First, Ask Amiga is a fantastic idea !

Can some Amiga specialist can tell me if exist a solution to share my Amiga Drive Over my Local Network.

i’ m not expecting amiga to windows but more, Amiga to Amiga (AmigaOS68k <-> AmigaPPC, Morphos,Aros,…)





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There are a number of ways of sharing an Amiga’s drive across the local network. The four main ones are:

  • Envoy
  • NetFS
  • SaMBa
  • FTP Server


Envoy is an Amiga-specific software package that allows the sharing of drives across the local network. It was a commercial package up until the late ’90s, but is hard to find these days. Being Amiga-specific, it can only be used by other Amiga machines also running Envoy, but has many advantages, including simple GadTools-based preferences, efficient use of CPU time, support for redirecting printer.device to another Amiga’s printer, full support for Amiga protection bits and timestamps, file/drawer notifications and so on. Being an old package, it’s 68k only, but it should work under MorphOS and OS4. It won’t work on AROS-x86 of course.


This is also an Amiga-specific solution, and has the advantage that it’s free and available on Aminet (, and has recently been updated. MorphOS and 68k versions are included, and the 68k version also runs on OS4. Again, it supports amiga-specific attributes like protection bits and timestamps, though it isn’t as fast as Envoy, and requires a little bit of manual configuration to get it working. Unfortunately, there’s no AROS version of NetFS either.


SaMBa is a bit of a beast to run as a server, and you’ll need a powerful Amiga to run it. It uses the Windows SMB protocol for sharing drives over the network, which is the defacto standard for network sharing, and as such it can be read by any OS on the local network. SaMBa is a free and open-source SMB server suite which is used by Linux and other OSes, and ports exist for Amiga OS 3, OS 4 and MorphOS. However, it can be difficult to set up, it doesn’t support Amiga-specific file attributes, and is very CPU intensive which means that transfers, directory listings and so on will be very slow unless you have a very beefy Amiga. A good guide to setting up SaMBA server can be found here: It includes guides for OS 4 and OS 3 Amigas – MorphOS will be similar. I don’t know of any server port for AROS, but there is a client port available.

SaMBa Clients

SMB clients are available for all Amiga flavours. The SMBFS command can be used to mount a shared network drive on an Amiga system, and works quite well. This might be a better option if there is a SMB server available on the network as the server side does most of the heavy lifting. Perhaps a NAS or similar is available that could be used as a middle-man that all Amiga machines can access. The SMBFS client command does not require SaMBa to be installed, and requires far less CPU time than the server. It does not support Amiga-specific file attributes however, and some versions have problems accessing shared drives on Windows Vista and later OSes. Guides for using SMBFS are also available at the SaMBa link above.

FTP Server

This is a relatively simple solution that doesn’t provide a shared drive, but with FTPMount installed on the client Amiga it can act in much the same way, and has the bonus of being available to other OSes as well. Servers such as RC-FTPd ( allow you to fully configure the server using a simple GUI. They don’t take too much CPU time, and give relatively fast transfer speeds. RC-FTPd will work fine on OS 3, OS 4 and MorphOS. I have no experience with AROS FTP servers, but a quick search tells me there are some options available there too.

  • RuThaN
    Which samba client is the best one?
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I see two options:
1) set up a server (such as FTP) on each machine so that they drawers/directories associated with the server are available to other machines runn
ing an FTP client, or

2) use an additional device (or one of these devices) or service to share resources.

If you only had one Amiga (like me) I would say to set up an ftp server and access it from your other machines. But since you would need to repea
t this for all of your amigas, I think it’s a real headache. So I’m going to elaborate on option #2 here which can be accomplished in two ways:

1. Google Drive for AmigaOS
This client is already working and allows you to mount your Google Drive (and it’s contents) in Workbench. This could be a handy way to share fil
es between devices and has the advantage of working with your mobile phone/laptop as well.

2. Samba share on Raspberry Pi
I’ve answered another question here on how to do the Amiga side of this and as a result I have a device icon on my Workbench desktop which gives
me access to an 8GB drive as well as a 2TB drive on another machine :)

Edit: I’ve just realised you might be happier to run a server on one of your Amigas if you have a ‘main’ machine and pool files that way. The only samba server I found is for MorphOS ( ) and seems hit-and-miss in terms of reliability. I would set up an FTP server on one Amiga and leave it on 24/7 if the raspberry pi idea doesn’t suit.

  • Dominique
    Thanks for your help. i will try few of these solutions execept FTP. NetFS & envoy look the solution between my OS4 Sam460ex and my two Morphos Machines.
  • TenLeftFingers
    Very welcome. I also learned a few things from Daedalus’ answer. Thanks for the site feedback :)
  • Dominique
    NetFS was Tested and approved !! Many thanks again.
  • TenLeftFingers
    In that case could you mark the answer given by Daedalus as ‘accepted’ ?
  • kamelito
    Google Drive will cost you 10€ or whatever dollar value it is. Withouht a key it’s a read only solution.
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Some extra info:  Windows 10 explorer will not read Amiga SMB mounts, but the command prompt will!

I found a Windows utility that does work: NexusFile5.  It’s a Dopus style file manager.

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