WB 3.1 unhide, hidden icon permanently, not through Windows-Show-All files.


i wonder, if is possible somehow change icon settings, through some flag etc, to be shown in normal icon view,
because some icons are hidden and are visible only in all files view.

Make All files + snapshot, is not solution, because is good when are some system icons hidden, but i would like to have a choice.

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The two options you have are:
1) Show all files and snapshot, which makes all files in a folder visible.

2) Add an icon file to the particular files you want to see all the time. For example, to add an icon to the C:List file:

Copy SYS:System/Shell.info C:List.info

This will make the List file appear all the time with the same icon as the Shell file in the System drawer.

It’s very important to remember to use the .info extension – if you leave it off you could overwrite the List command itself!

  • RuThaN
    Thanks its working, but its long process, is there any gui plugin for that? Other strange think is that icon is changed during this process, because i shellicon used for all new icon, its not look like clean way how to do it. And what about backwards process, just delete *.info file?
  • Daedalus
    Yes, the .info file contains the icon image and other information, such as the position in the window. I don’t know of a GUI for doing it, again it’s much easier under 3.5 and above but 3.1 lacks that sort of support. As for the Shell icon, just use the same process to copy any icon you like. The default icon (a hammer image I think) can be used either by opening IconEdit and saving it to whatever file you like.
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