WB 3.x filetype assing, how to open some type of files by double click in selected app?


I want to assign program for open specific file extension through double click in WB, is it possible and if yes how?

For example mp3 by AmigaAMP, *.avi by Frogger, *.txt in JanoEditor, Pictures in Visage etc.

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This needs the DefIcons package installed. OS 3.9 includes this functionality, earlier versions can use it as part of the NewIcons package. In either case, you end up with a number of default icons in ENVARC:Sys/ with names such as def_jpg.info, def_txt.info, def_mp3.info and so on. These are the icons given to files that don’t have their own icon files associated with them, and so the default tool set in these icons is the one that is used when the file is double-clicked. For example, to associate JPEG images with Visage:

– Open ENVARC:Sys/ by navigating to Workbench:Prefs/Env-archive/sys

– Find the def_jpg icon

– Open the Icon Information window

– Change the default tool to C:Visage or wherever you have it installed.

That will take effect from the next time you boot the computer. You can make it take effect straight away by also copying the icon to ENV:Sys/ (found at RAM:Env/sys/), which will take effect for newly opened drawers.

  • RuThaN
    Thanks, meantime i make some progress, but i still need some knowledge, because knowledge is the weapon :) I was following this tutorial with IconChief solution: http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=76641 Its working in some cases, but i have this problems: 1) i included set of def_xxx wasnt some file types like mp3 for example, where to get new types, or how to create new ones? 2) Some def_ where is open icon-information, dont have – item default tool, only comment, i have discover, that through topmenu is needed to change item type to project (what i Amiga universe means – data not execution (non *.exe, bat etc in Windows space) file, problem is that even after is not working as other def_xx with assigned default tool, more amiga si needed.. Im getting some Requester error, but path is right. error for avi file- https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2741044/AmigaOS/RequesterFileAssociationFail.png def_avi – settings – https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2741044/AmigaOS/RequesterFileAssociationAddDefaultTool.png Same path is working for mov files and from Frogger gui is possible to play avi files. 3) For some tools you just need more that add path to programs, you need some parameters, for example for FroggerVideo playear and only solution is just did into docs – i only want to say that this is not silver bullet windows like solution.
  • Daedalus
    1) Creating new icons is simply a matter of copying an existing icon and giving it the required name. However, the filetype detection system also needs to support the filetype. I am unfamiliar with IconChief, but with DefIcons there is a preference editor that lets you add new detection patterns and icons. 2) That is correct – there are 5 basic icon types in Amiga OS, and it needs to be a “project” type to be able to have a default tool used when double-clicking it. Your path is incorrect as you are including an argument in the line. This is not possible in a default tool, which is launching the program from Workbench and not the shell. This is an important difference as Workbench arguments are only ever file names. 3) This is related to the issue in point 2. Things work very differently under Windows so it would be useful if you try not to look for an exact equivalent everywhere. Amiga OS is not a Windows replacement and is designed very differently so you need to open your mind a little. Bear in mind as well that you’re trying to use a version of the OS from 1993, instead of OS 3.9 from 2001 which fixes many of the problems you’ve had. Read the documentation for the different programs, you’ll find that many use icon tooltypes instead of command line arguments for launching from Workbench. These are added or edited line-by-line in the icon information window, so instead of adding autostart to the command line for the default tool, try adding it as a tooltype to Frogger’s icon if you want it to be used for all files, or to the file’s own icon if you want it to be used just for that file.
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