Xnview / Infranview / (ACD)See picture viewer for OS 3.1.


Im searching for simple fullscreen image viewer with next picture in folder on space functionality nothing fancy, just old See for Dos.

I have tried multiple viewers, but they simple only opened only 1 picture and after that i need select next one through FileRequestor..

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Visage offers this functionality, but needs to be configured correctly in order to show drawer contents. This can be done by adding an ALL tooltype to Visage’s icon. Once this is set, selecting a drawer from the file requester without highlighting any files will show all files in that folder, moving between them by either clicking the mouse or pressing space. There are many other options for configuring Visage to your preferences which can be configured using either tooltypes or a config file.

Visage can be found on Aminet.

–Extra Info–
A summary for using Visage as a viewer for multiple files:
1) Install Visage in a location of your choice.
2) Find the Visage icon and open its Icon Information window
3) Set or enable the tooltype “ALL”
4) Double-click Visage
5) Select a drawer in the file requester
6) Press space to move onto the next image and Escape to quit

  • RuThaN
    Thank, but describe this through text is cumbersome, could you make some screenshot or show it in the video (better).
  • Daedalus
    When I have some time in front of my Amiga I’ll see about screenshots. For now though, the process should be quite simple and I apologise if I made it sound complicated. I’ve updated the answer with extra info.
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